Dean's opinions in Roupas blog reflect upon a variety of issues. These subjects range from in the suburbs to Chicago. Thus, the topics written are essential to Dean Roupas. Dean Roupas is a great guy. He is providing accounting, bookkeeping, and tax needs. This is for small businesses owners and people in the Chicagoland Area.
Being passionate about work is beyond accounting information. Accounting deals with sensitive information. As a result, knowing who is handling information is essential. So, having a blog allows for increased transparency. For instance, transparency is becoming critical to everyone. It provides for a customer to be at ease. Of course, this helps the comfort level of the relationship!


Why waste another day struggling with your finances? Dean Roupas and his team of experts provides one of a kind personal accounting to both individuals and business owners.

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Pension Planning, Estate Planning, and Business Succession Planning. No matter your needs, Dean Roupas and his team of experts are here to aid in making sound financial decisions.

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Tax Preparation

Roupas Accounting provides tax preparation to both individuals and business. Services include but not limited to, Tax compliance and planning, estates and gift tax planning, sales and payroll tax planning, international tax planning.

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Our Story

Since 1993

Great value

To start, we offer a wide range of tax services to business owners. Also, we tailor our services to suit each client's specific needs. Regardless, we help whether your business is new or established. Do you have a little or moderate-sized businesses? Dean and his team strive to impress for all sizes. Furthermore, the team is excellent whether a person or a large company.

Likewise, we work beyond our wide range of business accounting and tax services. We provide tax preparation services for people. Truly, when trusted to prepare your taxes, experience comfort. Know calculations are accurate. So, get your tax refund back.

Dean Roupas Accounting has been serving the Chicagoland Area for over 25 years. For example, providing fantastic customer service to all our clients is critical. Every client's request is a chance to strengthen our business relationship. For example, we do this by exceeding their expectations.

Yet, most don't understand how intangible the services are. People receive a lot of statements if requested. But, most of the experience differs from a grocery or retail store. When going to a store, senses engage taste, touch, and smell. While viewing accounting, it appears to be numbers on a paper. Yet, numbers in your bank statements represent your hard work. All the days of going into your job, show in your pay.

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Firstly, we care about your money.

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Secondly, we care about you.

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Thirdly, we rely heavily on referrals.

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At Roupas Accounting we pride ourselves in providing excellent Tax Preparation and Accounting. Our goal is to be our customer's most trusted source for help and direction. If you need help or want to know how our strategic tax planning can work for you. Give us a call.